Team Comments

Diana Simonson Senior Web/FileMaker Developer

Relationships Matter

“In reflecting on our values, it’s hard for me to pick just one because they all work together.

Initially, I thought I’d talk about a few of them, but not the one about fun, and then I thought about how much I enjoy working here. It is fun. I realized these values make it fun, and keep us healthy, emotionally. Adatasol is the most emotionally rewarding place I’ve ever worked. I found myself wishing that all the other agencies I work with would adopt these values, and review them regularly.

Relationships matter. Definitely. We encourage each other. We have confidence in each other. Confidence is another value. Exude confidence, but be humble. Humility is essential, because without humility, we will miss opportunities to improve, which is another value – Constant improvement. We push ourselves to improve. We nurture each other. I’m taking an online class right now, and it’s getting tough. The students in the class are starting to complain that it’s more than the 15 hour a week commitment they were told it would be. That happens a lot where unexpected complications make things take longer or make them more expensive. Some of my classmates are starting to give up and drop out. It’s a team that adheres to these values that perseveres through life’s unexpected challenges. It’s also the amazing managers we have that ask how they can support us, and help us get the job done. It’s having a forum that allows us to collaborate, and ask the team for help instead of beating our heads against a wall. These cooperative, supportive relationships make us a strong team.

Adatasol is the best place I’ve ever worked. You encourage me to be the best version of myself. You believe in me. When I said I wanted to take a cybersecurity class, you said great! You let me improve where as other companies might feel threatened by that, and force me into time constraints that would not allow for self-improvement.

We work as a team. You don’t demand. You encourage, like a healthy family should. It is with confidence on this Valentine’s Day that I can say I really love working here. I love you guys. You are all my heroes. Together, we are so much more than the sum of our parts.”

Tabitha Bindas Project Manager / CSA

Great Company Culture

“Even though I’ve only been at Adatasol a short time, I already feel like I am part of the Adatasol team.I have worked at a very large company, that strived for the kind of culture that exists here. They had lots of initiatives, posters, meetings etc… They talked about the type of culture that they envisioned and being a company that puts their people first. They talked about how relationships and people are critical to the success of the company, and it was, but it was often hard to feel that day to day. You were often given unrealistic deadlines and expected to put your personal life on hold. The people were great people, the culture was not great.

I’ve also worked at a small company, that company was run by a family and they strived to build a family type atmosphere. Even there they were unable to build a culture that had core values approaching what I’ve seen at Adatasol. It’s one thing to talk about having a great culture, it’s a completely different thing to have a company that lives them every day.

I have had an opportunity to work with a lot of different people here in a short amount of time. The core value that stands out to me at Adatosol is “relationships matter”. Great relationships with your co-workers make for a positive and productive work environment. That positive environment is obvious when working with customers. Strong relationships with existing and new customers are key to a successful business.

Everyone at Adatosol treats everyone else with a lot of respect and you can tell that everyone cares about one another. That starts with leadership (Dan and Arin) and becomes contagious with everyone in the company. I’m happy that I found Adatasol and this great culture. And I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Adatasol team.”

Chrissy Jackson FrameReady Sales Coordinator

Constant Improvement

“Every single one of us has something we want to be better at. Maybe you want to grow in your career, or you’d like to get healthier and get in better shape. Or maybe you want to be more productive with your time.

Some of the things that I try and think about to constantly improve myself in my home life and my work life is to learn something new every day. Sometimes what we think is useless knowledge is the best knowledge. One big thing I have really learned to do over the years that specifically came through parenting was to not sweat the small stuff. That was a huge lesson in my life that I sometimes have to remind myself. It doesn’t do me or the people around me any good getting anxious or uptight about things that truly don’t matter. It helps build relationships with my spouse, kids and even some friends.

One thing I do poorly is try to take small steps. I have a habit to jump into things that I know are huge goals and I should slow down and take smaller steps towards my goals. Smaller steps make your goals much more realistic to achieve.

And then I learn from my mistakes. I try to take a lesson out of things that don’t always happen the way I expect or want them to. This way in the future I can grow and improve from past experiences.

One of the biggest things I like to constantly improve is procrastinating and being punctual. Which also leads us into time is everything. That’s an entirely different value and we won’t get into that today. Let’s just say, I try and get up 2 hours before I have to be somewhere. It’s better to be early then late.”