Their vision, our solution


About Surveying Consultants

Surveying Consultants has earned a reputation of providing quality professional land surveying and mapping services since being founded by Terry Hatchell in 1983. They provide services to customers within the Coastal and Low Country regions of South Carolina. They are dedicated to providing their clients accurate surveys and plats that are produced in a timely manner, with the quality and results expected of highly trained professionals, in a cost effective process. They employ the latest technologies, and yet do the hard work on the ground when needed.


Surveying consulting had an older system where multiple problems occurred. Making improvements took forever and budgets ran way over estimates Adatasol was chosen for the ability to quickly ascertain the problem, recommend a solution and complete the project in a timely fashion and on budget.


As a busy small business with many customers, estimates, proposals, work orders, and projects in motion all at the same time, they needed a centralized system for efficiently tracking everything. It allows them to easily select from existing clients when they get repeat business, and makes sure that supporting documents for a customer are organized, and documents generated for the customer are consistent and accurate

About Our Visionary

Surveying Consultants Controller was tasked with improving the legacy system. The goal was to find easier, faster and economical ways to provide better information and control of the bottom line. He worked with the staff to define the requirements.

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Their current solution is ever growing, and provides numerous efficiencies and quality controls: Generating proposals; generating Estimates/Bids, customer tracking and history, customer documents (invoices, bids, etc), ganttchart scheduling for internal departments (their newest feature). It also allows them to do data mining – e.g. how many Proposals become actual work orders.

The overarching goal is to provide an efficient, organized, searchable system for their processes. This helps to limit mistakes, provide visibility and consistent information across the organization about the state of a project, eliminate internal paperwork, and produce consistent documents to the customer. It helps to streamline the flow of projects within the organization.