Their vision, our solution


About Ruane Attorneys at Law

For nearly 40 years, Ruane Attorneys have stepped into court to represent normal, everyday people. When facing a legal problem, many people don’t know where to turn. While there are lots of lawyers in Connecticut who advertise that they can do anything and everything, Ruane is the recognized award winning firm with training and experience in criminal defense, civil rights, or civil litigation cases.


The company had used many disparate systems over the years with lack of cohesion amongst them. They used everything from various different unrelated software programs to Excel and paper processes with large amounts of manual redundant inputs leading to large amounts of time and money wasted as well as input errors in the information.

There was also a lack of ability to report on and see the firm’s information from a business owner point of view to be able to create action items or make strategic decisions based on real world real-time data. This led to confusion, disorganization, and much money and time wasted trying to manually tie everything together.

About Our Visionary

Adatasol was approached by the company’s founder who had over 20 years in the industry and was recognized as a leader in criminal law firm management. He understood he needed a digital transformation to help solve some of his firm’s issues.


The company’s founder wanted to implement a new dynamic digital solution that would track all information for the firm from clients to cases and all the details in between. He wanted as much automation to save time (which for attorneys = money!) as possible.

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The system created and deployed by Adatasol was a one stop shop for all of the firm’s information, sales and operational processes, and reporting. It significantly saved time for administrative staff and freed over 70% of valuable attorney’s time, which allowed the firm to handle many more cases.

The outcome of a vision coming to reality

• Leads to Clients: Developed a new process for prospect call intake and conversion into clients. Easily trainable and repeatable to any new employee on how to go from phone call to paid client. All information whether the firm gets hired or not is captured and able to report on

• Case Management: Being able to track all relevant case details and information regardless of case types Criminal, DUI, Pardons, Family, Civil, Habeas, Personal Injury and the like. Having centralized and organized data and information on clients and cases in one place for all lawyers, paralegals, staff, and admin to be able to access anytime day or night and on any device

• Automations: One of the biggest improvements was the addition of marketing automation across the system. Everything from sending automated text and email reminders to prospective clients to keep the relationship hot to sending birthday, holiday, congratulations handwritten greeting cards right from the system are all available and automated. This has led to a much higher rate of being hired by many of the people on the fence.

• Integrations: Being able to leverage Industry standard apps that provide certain services like Mailchimp (email marketing), Quickbooks (accounting), Twilio (text messages), Handwrytten (sending hand written greeting cards)

• Managerial Reporting: Seeing what is happening in the business with a push of a few buttons. Having a high level of business intelligence reporting allows for faster and better decision making processes on all aspects of the business. Facilitates sustainable growth through ability to see focused information summarized in all different aspects of the business

Let’s create something unique together

From your vision, Adatsol utilizes rapid development low code processes and works directly with your team to design, develop and deploy the final result.

Having direct access to the individuals doing the work is a significant advantage in building your software and application needs with us. Get in touch with our developers, and let us turn your vision into a reality!