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Executive Leadership

Dan Weiss Adatasol
Dan Weiss
Dan Weiss, Founder and President of Adatasol, has a B.A. in Psychology from Boston University. Dan has a vision for building Adatasol and works tirelessly to find the right systems, people, values, technologies, and energy to build the best business that makes the most positive impact for those around him, his clients, and all the stakeholders involved. Within the last few years, Dan has gone through the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program, which is a mini MBA for business owners; the Entrepreneurs Organization Accelerator (EOA) program which expands on the Goldman program with more in depth ways to build your business; and get all the processes and systems built to be able to scale up the business going forward. Dan is on the board of Learning About Business, an entrepreneurial program for high schoolers teaching them business concepts. Separately he enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife Kelly and their six teenage children. Dan is active with his kids, family, and their activities from Marching Band, football, baseball, Tae Kwon Do, and too many to name. He enjoys watching them grow and being a part of it.
David Case
David Case is Adatasol’s Executive Vice President. He manages the developers, projects, and works closely with Dan on company strategy. David enjoys working on projects that have an impact on the people that use them. The little things that make life easier for them so they can get their work done quicker and much more efficiently. David also likes managerial reporting and business intelligence to be able to see company information at the push of a button to make quick decisions and understand best how to allocate resources. David has a B.B.A in Business Management and a minor in Economics at Hiram College. He also has a Master's in Quantitative Finance (M.S.F.) from Case Western Reserve University. He has worked in business consulting and data analytics for over 20 years. When not working, David spends time with his family and two dogs. David enjoys reading, collecting Native American artwork, hiking in the Cleveland Metroparks, and walking the dogs all around the neighborhood. David also gives back by volunteering and with various non-profits including Learning About Business, a special program that teaches high school students about business concepts. He also is active in mentoring students at his alma-maters and is a former Alumni Advisory Council Board member of both schools.