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About Mickey Thompson Tires

Since 1963, Mickey Thompson Tires has always been an Enthusiast tire Brand. The founder Mickey Thompson built his products to WIN and the company still holds fast to Mickey’s values, his unceasing drive for faster—better. The central characteristic activity at Mickey Thompson—designing & building innovative performance products for automotive enthusiasts. Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels participates in many different types of motorsports activities.


The Vice President of Human Resources asked us to evalauate a new system in conjunction with her administrative assistant.


The PTO management application Adatasol created allows the HR team to view upcoming approved PTO and PTO request at a glance in a dashboard. Staff can login at any time to see their available PTO and enter a new request. Managers can login and see their teams upcoming PTO in order to approve or reject an open PTO request. The system has been a lifesaver for the HR team. One step closer to a paperless office and one less spreadsheet to have to manage manually.

About Our Visionary

Mickey Thompson’s existing SAP ERP system did not offer an easy way to track paid time off (PTO). Employees had to fill out a paper request form and PTO was tracked manually on a spreadsheet. Employees would have to ask Human Resources staff to verify how much PTO they had available / remaining.

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The system would need to track employees, allowing an employee to their their available PTO and do an online request for additional future PTO. The process for approving PTO would need to be as automated as possible, allowing a manager to get an email to approve or deny a request. The application needed to be simple to use, requiring little or no training. Administrative HR staff needed a dashboard to see requests and approvals and export of available PTO time.