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About Lincoln Electric

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Lincoln Electric is a world leader in designing and manufacturing arc welding, cutting, and automation products. The company has over 45 manufacturing sites with operations in 19 countries and a sales and distribution network in more than 160 countries.


All new product launches or promotional campaigns undertaken by Lincoln Electric – from minor iterations to major breakthrough product launches – are run through the MarCom department, divided into development tasks for the resource group, reviewed by multiple people and levels within the organization, and then pushed forward for production.

Lincoln Electric had no collaborative job tracking system, which meant that generating reports and analysis was a manual effort. Significant communication time was wasted thru out the organization generating and responding to project status update inquiries.

About Our Visionary

Adatasol was approached by the head of Lincoln’s internal Marketing Communications (MarCom) department to implement a solution that would allow his team to easily collaborate on their tasks, progress and reporting.


The vision of the MarCom leader was to create a customized tool that had a variety of at-a-glance or detailed status and innovative reporting capabilities.

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With the introduction of a customized solution, branded as Compass, each task is logged and detailed in the system, allowing delegation, tracking and reporting on each project. Tracked data includes internal client information, resource team members and key reviewers. Projects can be grouped into ‘campaigns’.

The MarCom team is using the customized database produced by Adatasol at Lincoln Electric to improve efficiency, track progress, and reduce unnecessary communication. Their feedback on the results have been nothing short of amazing.

The outcome of a vision coming to reality

• A dynamic Dashboard gives the MarCom team and management fast visibility into the status of projects sorted by MarCom, client, project stage, and other parameters. Any Compass user can access the Dashboard for a quick picture of project status without unnecessary contact.

• Marketing management can quickly generate reports on the quantity of projects at any status for any period.

• Developing trends that are not in line with expectations or historical metrics can be analyzed and addressed.

• Armed with the Adatasol Compass solution, the workload can be more easily balanced by group leaders and management.

• The MarCom department job count, or productivity, is up – and trending upward.

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