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About Lincoln Electric

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Lincoln Electric is a world leader in designing and manufacturing arc welding, cutting, and automation products. The company has over 45 manufacturing sites with operations in 19 countries and a sales and distribution network in more than 160 countries.


Lincoln Electric’s sales team was using Excel spreadsheets to create estimates for various welding products. Every time a consumable or part price changed the spreadsheet would have to be rebuilt and resent manually to every sales person. Individual spreadsheet documents were being created for each estimate and the look of the resulting printed estimate was clunky, unprofessional and did not meet Lincoln Electric’s branding standards. In addition there was no easy way to report on how effective the salesteam’s efforts were or roll up results for managers and executives.


The ideal solution would be online and available all the time to Lincoln Electric’s salesforce. It would provide custom pricing options depending on many factors entered by the sales team. The result would be a PDF built specifically for the customer that maintained Lincoln Electric’s brand standards.

About Our Visionary

The VP of Marketing knew his sales and pricing team could be far more efficient if they had an online tool that could deliver a custom, branded estimate for Lincoln Electric’s customers.

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The Calculator Solutions Platform that Adatasol created for Lincoln Electric offered different Configure Price Quote (CPQ) tools for different market segments. The tool offered competitive advantages to Lincoln Electric’s competitors but also provided abstracted total pricing that would be hard to deconstruct. The entire world wide sales team had access to the tools via Lincoln Electric’s intranet.

The outcome of a vision coming to reality

  • The platform was created to allow for additional customizations or additions as Lincoln Electric modified their market strategy or created new products.
  • Each CPQ tool had internal pricing could easily be changed depending on market pricing fluctuations; this would update open quotes transparently.
  • Salepeople could view quotes by status at a glance and email branded PDF quotes with the click of a button.
  • Results of quotes could be rolled up to managers and executives for reporting on successes and failures.

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