Their vision, our solution


About Great Lakes Power Products

With proven excellence in the distribution, custom manufacturing, and repair of internal combustion engine parts used in marine and industrial applications, Great Lakes Power Products (GLP) has 14 sales and repair centers throughout the eastern United States. With over 22,000 separate clients to support, having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System is a critical tool in facilitating Great Lakes Power’s success and growth.


The company had a 20-year-long history of CRM Systems that failed to achieve their desired goals. In some cases, the CRM’s features were not a good fit for the company’s business processes. Their prior CRM systems were also cumbersome for the sales and management teams to use consistently, so enthusiasm and participation decreased over time.


The vision of the VP of Sales was to create a customized CRM solution that would answer all the company needs with the goal being broad participation by both the sales team and management.

About Our Visionary

Adatasol was approached by the company’s VP of Sales to implement a new CRM solution that is “simple, clean, and easy to use”.

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The CRM system created and deployed by Adatasol created efficiencies for Great Lakes Power Systems. It significantly reduced company overhead and freed over 80% of valuable management staff time, which could be applied toward other important activities, including business growth.

The outcome of a vision coming to reality

• The new system captures critical information including each customer’s contact information, the sales representative assigned, specific customer notes, and the most recent customer contact made by each sales representative.

• Great Lakes Power’s management can now access up-to-date sales information and run reports as soon as data is entered by the sales representatives – no uploading of data is required.

• The Adatasol system is highly intuitive and allows for in-house training of new CRM users and basic system administration. CRM functionality can now be explained to newly-hired sales representatives over the phone in minutes.

• Each team can now objectively review information captured in the CRM system and speak with an informed voice regarding current events within each account, which helps resolve any customer complaints received.

• The management is now able to make sales team staffing decisions such as organizing and splitting resources depending on each office’s needs.

Let’s create something unique together

From your vision, Adatsol’s utilizes rapid development low code processes and works directly with your team to design, develop and deploy the final result.

Having direct access to the individuals doing the work is a significant advantage in building your software and application needs with us. Get in touch with our developers, and let us turn your vision into a reality!