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Goodyear’s Mickey Thompson Tire SAP ERP Enhancements: Warranty Credit Platform

About Mickey Thompson

The Challenge Since 1963, Mickey Thompson Tires, a subsidiary of Goodyear Tire, has always been an Enthusiast tire Brand. The founder Mickey Thompson built his products to WIN and the company still holds fast to Mickey’s values, his unceasing drive for faster—better. The central characteristic activity at Mickey Thompson—designing & building innovative performance products for automotive enthusiasts. Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels participates in many different types of motorsports activities.


Mickey Thompson’s existing SAP ERP system did not offer an easy way to enter requests for credit for a tire that was under warranty. The old system utilized paper forms to request a credit and Excel spreadsheets to track the request and its status. There was no easy way to report on this information so the team could not easily have visibility if they were receiving warranty requests for a particular type of tire for example.


The system needed to allow for multiple warranty requests per vendor with easy entry of new requests. Customer service staff would need a dashboard to view open requests for validation and comparison against current pricing for credit submission. The ideal solution would have flexible reporting and export options. Finally, approved credits needed to be uploaded to the SAP ERP system, ideally via an automated integration.

About Our Visionary

The Customer Service manager wanted a system that allowed the customer services staff to easily enter and track new warranty requests and credits, ideally with integration to the SAP ERP system.

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Mickey Thompson’s Warranty Management platform was revolutionary for the customer service team. Every day the staff could login and in a few minutes enter new warranty requests. The requests would then automatically look up the latest pricing data via daily price checks downloaded from Mickey’s SAP ERP system. Customer service staff then verified warranty status and every night the system exported approved credits to the SAP system automatically without requiring duplicate data entry. Customer service management has access to a dashboard that provided the latest metrics on warranty status.
Vision to reality:
  • Easy online entry of new warranty requests.
  • Dashboard for staff to easily view requests by status.
  • One-click inspection process to verify warrany elgibility.
  • Automated import of the latest tire pricing to validate credit amounts.
  • Integration with SAP ERP for export of warranty credits without duplicate data entry.