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About ForeverLawn

With over 15 million square feet of synthetic turf installed throughout the company’s 11-year history, ForeverLawn continues to provide innovative synthetic turf solutions to homeowners, businesses, and municipalities worldwide. The company engineered many new products to address different surfacing issues, most notably their Playground Grass system, a safe, beautiful surface for playgrounds, and their K9Grass product, an antimicrobial, durable surface designed specifically for dogs. This focus on innovation and problem solving is a core component of the company’s culture and their success


ForeverLawn was estimating projects using spreadsheets which often changed but were not updated for all users and didn’t give them much flexibility and required a lot of work. They’d also not be available for reference for all users if they were stored on a specific estimator’s machine. They needed a solution that gave reliable, consistent pricing for all users as well as allowing easy access for the office staff / managers to view projects and enter contacts. They needed a system to store contacts and create estimates initially.


The solution would allow for easy project pricing whether on the road via an iPad or at the home office. It would allow new products to be easily entered as well as printing / editing of proposals to customers.

About Our Visionary

The owners of ForeverLawn along with the sales managers conceived of a better system to manage contacts and estimates.

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The solution currently allows all active branches of ForeverLawn to access their own contacts and projects as well as manage their products, team members and proposals and solution settings. It also allows the home team to set up new dealers and push current costs and products across the company. The product is branded as the ForeverLawn Matrix. It is an ever growing product that relies on feedback from users and the home team to implement new enhancements and upgrade old features. It is currently integrated with a turf layout app called MeasureSquare that saves the team from having to re-enter data after measurements. It has been rolled out across most of their dealers and has changed the way that the home team conducts their business and allows them to remotely price projects and send the projects to remote dealers. We are in a continued relationship with them to enhance their suite of products and outside of their initial Matrix we have developed several other applications to help them manage their dealers, run reports on volume for the business and we are in development to allow them to price sports fields with its own set of rules.