Their vision, our solution


About Believe in Dreams

Believe in dreams is a non profit organization that was founded in 2014 to fulfill dreams of economically disadvantaged youth who have survived nonmedical adversity by providing access to enriching opportunities, connection to community and hope for the future. The organization has fulfilled over 450 individualized local dream experiences since 2014 and continue to increase our dream fulfillment capacity each year.


Believe in dreams needed a system to track the beneficiaries “dreamers” of their services and the “dream” being given from nomination, through planning to completion. The existing system utilized spreadsheets, word documents and manually sending emails. Data was duplicated everywhere and sharing data between staff was difficult and insecure.


The solution would create a single point of information for all of the details related to the dream planning process, the people involved with the dreamer, the package being provided and all of the details related to the dream to bring it to fruition.

About Our Visionary

The organization’s director believed there had to be a way to create a unified custom CRM and project management system to track both the dreamer’s nomination and the planning of their dream packages.

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With the help of Adatasol “DreamMaker” was created. It integrates with Believe In Dreams’ website to automatically import nomination information to start a new dream. All of the details of the dream are then tracked within the application which can be accessed easily and simultaneously by all staff. Status of dreams can be sent via email and reports are generated to validate the efforts of the organization to stakeholders.