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A CFO’s 5 Rules For Business Success

Your business has to be financially savvy. Without a financial plan, your business will run on historical experience, or crisis management most of the time. Your employees need common goals in order to work together effectively. Working in silos can create confusion and inefficiency. When your employees are not working together as a team, that can also lead to excessive costs from fixing easily avoidable mistakes, and as a result, a reduction of profits.

Deciding Against the Slog of Custom Application Development

After graduating from the 10KSB program another friend recommended a program called EO Accelerator. The EO in EO Accelerator stands for Entrepreneur’s Organization. Entrepreneur’s Organization is a world-wide organization of company founders for companies that have at least $1 million in annual revenue. There are chapters in many cities and Cleveland has one of the most active chapters – #CLERocks!

Moving Beyond a Lifestyle Business

For most of my adult life I’ve had two defining thoughts: “Life is short, so I want to enjoy it as much as I can”, and “I want to spend as much of that time as I can with my children”.

Thank You Goldman-Sachs

I am skeptical by nature. Ask my friends and colleagues and they will not have a problem remembering a time I stood up to ask “the question” that no one else wanted to ask but needed answered. I refer to myself proudly as a gadfly (look it up).

So it should not have been surprising on that day in January 2015 when I asked more than one “skeptical” question (some would later call them obnoxious) of a very patient man in the Goldman-Sachs 10,000 Small Business (10KSB) program I had just started.