Who Are We?

Adatasol acquires software as a service (SaaS) solutions and finds hidden wealth drivers

to greatly improve them.


What Sets Us Apart?

• Our Unique Proposition: We bring over 30 years of software product experience to quickly

determine the best paths for additional success.

• We provide a succession plan to continue the legacy of the existing solution.

Our Portfolio


In 2017 Adatasol purchased TourTools, a leading SaaS platform for package tour operators.

We continued in 2018 with the acquisition of FrameReady, the leading POS system for the retail and wholesale framing industry.

And in 2019 we acquired Studio Suite, the top back office SaaS platform for audio and video production and post production studios.

In conjunction with two nationally recognized law firms, we developed Runsala, a SaaS platform for

contact and case management for law firms.


A succession plan for SaaS solutions

Adatasol is seeking to acquire private companies focused on the FileMaker platform. We are eager to hear from owners and executives of North American businesses with a focus on the following attributes:

• Want to sell

• Don’t have the resources or capacity to scale

• Tired of trying to improve your platform

• Value a legacy for your application


More Developers and More Resources

20+ Years SaaS Expertise & Experience

A Focus on Your Legacy

Interested in learning more?

We’d love to start a conversation about how Adatasol could be your succession plan. Send us a message and we will be in touch.

Custom Apps

Use our expert SaaS development team to develop

your desktop or mobile app.

Our Team

Dan Weiss | President

Email: danw@adatasol.com

Dan Weiss, Founder and President of Adatasol, has a B.A. in Psychology from Boston University. Dan has a vision for building Adatasol and works tirelessly to find the right systems, people, values, technologies, and energy to build the best business that makes the most positive impact for those around him, his clients, and all the stakeholders involved. Within the last few years, Dan has gone through the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program, which is a mini MBA for business owners; the Entrepreneurs Organization Accelerator (EOA) program which expands on the Goldman program with more in depth ways to build your business; and get all the processes and systems built to be able to scale up the business going forward.

Dan is on the board of Learning About Business, an entrepreneurial program for high schoolers teaching them business concepts. Separately he enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife Kelly and their six teenage children. Dan is active with his kids, family, and their activities from Marching Band, football, baseball, Tae Kwon Do, and too many to name. He enjoys watching them grow and being a part of it.

David Case | Vice-President of Software Development

Email: david@adatasol.com

David Case is Adatasol’s Vice-President of Software Development. He manages the developers, projects, and works closely with Dan on company strategy. David enjoys working on projects that have an impact on the people who use them, and the little things that make life easier for them so they can get their work done quicker and much more efficiently. David also likes managerial reporting and business intelligence to be able to see company information at the push of a button to make quick decisions and understand best how to allocate resources. David has a B.B.A in Business Management and a minor in Economics at Hiram College. He also has a Master’s in Quantitative Finance (M.S.F.) from Case Western Reserve University. He has worked in business consulting and data analytics for over 20 years.

When not working, David spends time with his family and two dogs. David enjoys reading, collecting Native American artwork, hiking in the Cleveland Metroparks, and walking the dogs all around the neighborhood. David also gives back by volunteering with various non-profits including Learning About Business, a special program that teaches high school students about business concepts. He also is active in mentoring students at his alma-maters and is a former Alumni Advisory Council Board member of both schools.

Arin Preston | Vice-President of Operations

Email: arin@adatasol.com

Arin Preston is Adatasol’s Vice-President of Operations. She has over 25 years of FileMaker experience, an AA in Business, a BS in IT, and is currently pursing an MBA with a focus on data analytics. In 2003, she established Mobile Mac Help, which later evolved into Datavast Technologies as the scope of IT and consulting services expanded. Other professional experience includes project management, technical writing, and web development.

Arin is a U.S. Navy veteran, having served one tour during the Desert Storm Era as a Weapons Tech in Guam, M.I., San Diego CA, and Virginia Beach VA. Outside of Adatasol, Arin volunteers as webmaster for Connecting Hearts Ministry, an organization which supports the sponsorship of children in Guatemala. Arin is also a singer/songwriter, plays guitar, enjoys Scrabble, reading, live music, camping and exploring outdoors with her 3 rescue dogs Dakota, Molly, and Oliver.

Eric W. Anderson, Sr. | CFO

Email: eric@adatasol.com

As CFO, Eric W. Anderson, Sr. is primarily responsible for managing the company’s finances, including financial planning, management of financial risks, acquisitions, financial reporting and also analysis of data. He is also President of MPG Management, Inc., specializing as an independent management consultant that develops financial reports, sales plans and operating budgets for small business owners regardless of business industry.

Eric believes that “your business must have an internal financial system, to serve as a base for managing the business. You need to make sure that your financials are set up in such a way that allows management to PLAN – EXECUTE – CHECK – ADJUST.”

For a small business owner “to truly become a high performing company with improved profitability, you must plan for it, evaluate financial performance and take action quickly to address problems as they arise”. Eric will train you that profit is not what’s left over after all your expenses are paid, but must be budgeted as the first line of expense in a disciplined planning process.

Eric believes that a comprehensive budget is a formal statement of the business owner’s expected and preplanned performance. It serves as a control device to help measure performance against the plan and analyze variances so changes can be made to improve future performance.

Eric is a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned sales & marketing pro spending the past 25 years in this capacity. Eric worked 14 years in corporate America spending time with Pepsi Cola and Quaker Oats in sales and sales management positions.

Eric has earned numerous sales and sales management awards during his tenure with both Pepsi Cola and Quaker Oats. He holds a BA in Communication from the University of Florida, 1985 where he also lettered in football for the SEC champion Gators.

Eric is currently a faculty member for the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program. Eric was also a presenter at the 2012 COSE Small Business Expo (Pricing 4 Profits).







About Adatasol

Our Culture

Our culture is defined by a passion for responsiveness to our customers while never taking ourselves too seriously. We understand that our clients have the highest expectations regarding our results and we work as a team to meet those expectations.

Working almost entirely virtually, our team enjoys the flexibility telecommuting provides. This means that our schedules vary widely, so maintaining communication using the best methods possible ensures we don’t lose a “team” atmosphere.

Our Values

At its core, we strive to be a team of people-oriented developers. To us, this means:

1. Be Humble, but Exude Confidence. We want to please our customers, but we also have the expertise to tell them the best way to do something.

2. Be a Hero. For our clients, our goal is a 10 to 1 return on investment. As a team, we give back to the community

3. Relationships Matter. We are relationship driven and believe in connections amongst ourselves, our clients and our community.

4. Time Is Precious. Time is the most important investment that can be made. We value our time for both family and work, respectively.

5. Constant Improvement. We push ourselves to be constantly improving and help nurture each other to further our skills.

6. Have Fun, Make it Fun, Be Fun!


Contact Us

Phone: (800) 783-3346
Email: sales@adatasol.com
Skype: Adatasol

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