Who Are We?

Adatasol acquires software as a service (SaaS) solutions and finds hidden wealth drivers

to greatly improve them.


What Sets Us Apart?

• Our Unique Proposition: We bring over 30 years of software product experience to quickly

determine the best paths for additional success.

• We provide a succession plan to continue the legacy of the existing solution.

Our Portfolio

We continued in 2018 with the acquisition of FrameReady, the leading POS system for the retail and wholesale framing industry.

And in 2019 we acquired Studio Suite, the top back office SaaS platform for audio and video production and post production studios.

In conjunction with two nationally recognized law firms, we developed Runsala, a SaaS platform for

contact and case management for law firms.


A succession plan for SaaS solutions

Adatasol is seeking to acquire private companies focused on the FileMaker platform. We are eager to hear from owners and executives of North American businesses with a focus on the following attributes:

• Want to sell

• Don’t have the resources or capacity to scale

• Tired of trying to improve your platform

• Value a legacy for your application


More Developers and More Resources

20+ Years SaaS Expertise & Experience

A Focus on Your Legacy

Interested in learning more?

We’d love to start a conversation about how Adatasol could be your succession plan. Send us a message and we will be in touch.

Custom Apps

Use our expert SaaS development team to develop

your desktop or mobile app.

About Adatasol

Our Culture

Our culture is defined by a passion for responsiveness to our customers while never taking ourselves too seriously. We understand that our clients have the highest expectations regarding our results and we work as a team to meet those expectations.

Working almost entirely virtually, our team enjoys the flexibility telecommuting provides. This means that our schedules vary widely, so maintaining communication using the best methods possible ensures we don’t lose a “team” atmosphere.

Our Values

At its core, we strive to be a team of people-oriented developers. To us, this means:

1. Be Humble, but Exude Confidence. We want to please our customers, but we also have the expertise to tell them the best way to do something.

2. Be a Hero. For our clients, our goal is a 10 to 1 return on investment. As a team, we give back to the community

3. Relationships Matter. We are relationship driven and believe in connections amongst ourselves, our clients and our community.

4. Time Is Precious. Time is the most important investment that can be made. We value our time for both family and work, respectively.

5. Constant Improvement. We push ourselves to be constantly improving and help nurture each other to further our skills.

6. Have Fun, Make it Fun, Be Fun!

Every week we have a team huddle and ask a team member to comment on what our values mean to them – how it impacts them in their daily lives.



Contact Us

Phone: (800) 783-3346
Email: sales@adatasol.com
Skype: Adatasol

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